Pallet Control Software: 2ic Pallets Increases Its Footprint Across New Zealand

With pallet savings already estimated at least $10,000 per year and growing, Sanitarium New Zealand is the latest customer across the Tasman to utilise 2ic Pallets. They join many New Zealand logistics leaders that are already enjoying more efficient pallet control thanks to 2ic, including Fresh Direct, Linfox, Coca Cola, Visy, Supercheap Auto and more.

Peter Levett, Distribution Manager at Sanitarium New Zealand, first looked into 2ic Pallets to assist in the management of over 10,000 pallets after a friend working at Linfox (another 2ic customer) was ‘raving about it!’

Prior to installation, Sanitarium utilized a combination of spreadsheets and manual forms to manage pallets. Peter sought an independent system with the capability of automatically reconciling with CHEP, and 2ic Pallets proved to be the perfect fit.

Summarizing his experience with 2ic, Peter commented: “It’s simple to use, you don’t have to be an IT guru, but the reporting functions are detailed and clearly display growth and balances on a weekly basis.”

Peter estimates savings of at least $10,000 per year and growing, while emphasizing that the “the potential cost / risk of not having a system such as this is huge.”

“2ic assists us in the process,” he continued. “It is a tool that makes the whole weekly reconciliation easy to control and one that enables me to know what is on hand without using forms and spreadsheets. We feel like we now have control back with us.”

Once the business case was made, Sanitarium utilised 2ic Software’s free trial for a short period of time. Peter only needed a few weeks to recognize that 2ic Pallets was a perfect fit.

“What I like about 2ic is that they have been willing to customise certain features to adapt it to the New Zealand market,” Peter commented. “They are responsive and clearly understand the business we are in.”

Peter would like to see more suppliers and trading partners utilising the system. “Anything that controls pallets in the FMCG industry is good for us,” he offered, “and the more people working with it the easier it makes it for us!” 2ic is clearly the best available tool for pallet control out there, he concluded.

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