Pallet, Container and Cargo Theft Update

Pallets and container theft



June 27, 2017, Suspects use forklift to lift pallets of Nike shoes. Warehouse door deliberately left unlocked, allowing for thieves to escape with the goods in Memphis TN.

June 26, 2017, No End to Container Theft (Dutch). Reusable packaging theft remains a problem in the Netherlands, according to this report. Last week, two thefts were attempted from the same company. One of them was successful, resulting in the theft of seven pallets of stacked, hinged containers. Many of the stolen crates have monetary deposits, resulting in the loss of the deposit amount to the victims. The crates are stolen in large numbers from growers as well as supermarkets. Unfortunately, the theft is a low priority for police. In the vicinity of Tholen, in the southwest of the Netherlands, it is believed that about 15,000 folding crates were stolen in May. The article offers tips to prevent theft:

  • Minimize inventory
  • Secure your yard or property
  • Install a motion detector, attached to a burglar alarm
  • Install GPS on crates (but expensive)

June 17, 2017, Grand Theft Avocado. A change in supply chain distribution procedures opens the door for inside theft of $300,000 worth of avocados.

June 16, 2017, Jeannette Businesses Hit by Rath of Pallet Thefts. A Pennsylvania company reports that it has had over 500 pallets stolen over the last year and a half. A spokesperson for Avolio Food Distributing stated that thieves back up to their trucks and quickly transfer them, taking up to 100 at a time. DiMartino Ice Co., another local company, was also targeted.

June 16, 2017, Arrested Duo Linked to Crate Thefts in San Juan. A couple was arrested after plastic crates valued at greater than $200 were pilfered from a supermarket in Texas. The report includes a surveillance video.

June 8, 2017, Police searching for 2 more men in baby formula heist.

May 25, 2017, Authorities Note Increase in Thieves Targeting Storage Bins. An investigation in Texas results in the recovery of 13 pallets of plastic containers before they are ground. The story includes comments from James Rood.

May 24, 2017, Thieves Target Plastic Storage Crates. A raid was undertaken at a plastic recycling operation in Brownsville, Texas.