Pallet and Reusable Packaging Videos

Here is our roundup of recent videos or interest.

Corrugated Packages – Safely delivering goods to customers worldwide


Battery recycling with G&P RTP Dolav pallet boxes


Buckhorn Reusable Packaging Solutions


CF Collapsible Containers from SSI SCHAEFFER



CHEP’s Orlando “Torture Track”


RZR Rack


Girton Manufacturing Co., Inc. – Can We Wash It

Contraload News

European pooler Contraload provides an entertaining perspective on the history of pooling.

Container Management Made Easy / Wave Reaction

Do you need a container intervention? The case for reusable packaging management is simply and eloquently stated in this video. The angst of container loss and runaway spending can almost always be remedied by investing a small proportion of that cost in a reusable packaging management solution.


Loadhog HogBox

Loadhog’s HogBox is a 190L capacity attached lid container that provides a nice compromise between handheld and bulk containers, with a top cap and seatbelt system to allow two units to be . Steel bars reinforce the base to allow fill up to 100kg per box. The HogBox also offers built in pallet feet and the ability to join two units together, creating a full UK pallet footprint. The robust unit is great for large, bulky items, and with its stack/nest feature helps to maximize vehicle fill on both inbound and outbound logistics. A fantastic container to suit a diverse range of products throughout the supply chain. Along with Loadhog’s Attached Lid Containers, the HogBox provides a fully reusable and returnable transit packaging solution for leaner, greener operations. Please visit for further information.


GEFCO: Benefits Tailored to Market Needs