Pallet and Container News Roundup: B2B Marketing for Material Handling Sector, Bulk Packaging Market to Reach $59 Billion

Plasgad's new beverage pallet

Plasgad’s new beverage pallet

A Cost or Investment?

“Think of it this way,” writes Russ Green in his recent article, A Focus on Material Handling & Logistics, “is buying your product a “cost” or “investment”? Is there an opportunity for you to demonstrate how your products or services improve performance enough to justify the investment? Phrases such as “lower total cost of ownership” or “lower lifecycle cost” could make your audience more receptive to talking with you by demonstrating the value of your products or services.”

In a conversation that no doubt sounds familiar to providers of reusable packaging, Green acknowledges that although RFID tagging has been around awhile, there will be growth of more widespread interest in mobile and machine to machine to machine (M2M) technologies that will make these capabilities increasingly attractive. Likewise, growing interest in big data provides an opportunity for products and and services that can help contribute to big data.

“Move beyond product-only messaging to one that communicates a total solution—whether that includes application and maintenance support or training and ongoing consulting,” Green suggests.


Automotive Manufacturer Develops “Work-Around” for Different Pallet Sizes

Getran has developed a solution to the problem of non-standard sized pallets at its factory in Liverpool, which had to stack on the floor, making it difficult to ensure FIFO and generating a lot of non-productive pallet moves.  The variety of pallet sizes was accommodated through the installation of a Dynamic Storage system (pallet flow racks) at the plant.


Plasgad Develops More Durable Plastic Pallet for Beverage Customer

Plasgad has developed a more durable plastic pallet for a longtime beverage customer, after it requested  a novel beverage pallet “suited to meeting rigorous quality requirements, fitting the functional specifications of the new systems, and maintaining extended product life.”


Pallet Supplier RM2 Sets Sights on Growth, Building Trust

There is an element of trust when businesses take on our product, as we must ensure our pallet can transport their goods with minimal risk,” Ruari McGirr, RM2’s VP planning and investor relationsc commented to Bdaily. “We are currently working with numerous additional companies to pilot our pallets and are building relations with further clients.”


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