Wilmington Machinery Annouces Availability of Two New Models of the ‘PALLATEER

Wilmington,NC: Wilmington Machinery, a manufacturer of high speed rotary coextrusion blow molding systems and structural foam injection molding machinery, announces two new models of its PALLATEER Plastic Pallet Molding Systems. Each of the new models utilizes stack mold technology to increase production at a lower investment and with decreased floor space, utilities and labor.

833203The new Pallateer System PM-2 operates with a single stack injection mold and is capable of production rates up to 450,000 single deck nestable pallets per year. Alternatively, it can produce 225,000 double deck two-piece pallets.

The new Pallateer System PM-4 operates with two stack molds and is capable of producing up to 900,000 single deck nestable or up to 450,000 double deck pallets. Wilmington also plans to offer yet a larger system that will nearly double these production rates.

Like the three other models of Pallateer Systems, the new models use the structural foam injection method which provides for superior strength at light weights. All models are capable of processing 100% recycled material, even in the granulated flake form.

The Pallateer Systems are fully automated and are provided with molds; robotic pallet removal, conveying or stacking; Nitrogen generation equipment for foaming the plastic to lower density; 4-component plastic raw material blending/loading equipment, mold chillers and other options including pallet design. Full know-how, training and ongoing support make the systems ideal for the first time plastics processor who wants to make pallets.

About Wilmington Machinery:
For over 40 years Wilmington Machinery has supported it customers with high quality design, manufacturing and technical support of high speed rotary blow molding machinery for packaging, high output structural foam molding machinery and proprietary plastic processing machinery.

To learn more how our team can help you produce the quality products for your customers visit: www.wilmingtonmachinery.com

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