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66th FEFPEB Congress – Wooden pallet and packaging suppliers to work more closely to stress advantages of wood

Global Forum agrees on joined up approach to communicate the benefits of wooden packaging and pallets   Wooden packaging and pallet industries around the world have agreed to work even closer together to harmonise communications about the environmental and economic advantages of using wood rather than other materials. Delegates at … [Read more...]

Export Pallet Selection Trends 2016

U.S. - Canada ISPM-15 exemption to end, challenges for used wood HT pallets, new products and more     What is the best pallet to choose for your export program, or should you be palletizing at all? Over the last several years, the floor loading of consumer products has been a popular measure to improve container … [Read more...]

The Eye Popping Numbers for Reusable Packaging and Pallet Loss

The statistics for reusable pallet and container loss can be looked at as bad and inevitable, or as a huge opportunity for supply chain cost reduction. This is a call to action.   If your company is suffering from serious loss or theft of reusables, it just might misguidedly find some solace in knowing it isn’t alone. Pallet and … [Read more...]

Survey Looks at Spain’s Pallet System: 355 Million Movements Annually

  Good pallet statistics are often difficult to find, so here are some interesting numbers from Spain. For the sake of comparison, Spain has 47 million people versus 316 million in the U.S. (2013 numbers), while U.S. has a per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of around $53,000 versus approximately $29,000 for Spain, Pallet production … [Read more...]

FEFPEB Congress: Significant Growth for European Pallet Production

Production of wood pallets is up substantially in Europe over the last decade, according to the congress of the European Federation of Wooden Pallet and Packaging Manufacturers (FEFPEB). At FEFPEB’s 65th congress, entitled “Packaging and pallets in a competitive European Union” and held in Brussels, FEFPEB’s secretariat reported on industry … [Read more...]

Retail Sales Strengthen in Australia, Axios Mobile to Supply Pallets and Technology Platform to Leading Egg Producer

Composite pallet and technology platform provider wins contract from Trillium Farms,  AFGC CHEP Retail Index shows continued retail improvement. Retail Sales Strengthen in Australia Year-on-year retail sales growth continued upward in the March quarter with a rise of 5.8 percent, with further strengthening anticipated, according to the AFGC … [Read more...]

When It Comes to Plastic Pallets, Buyers Have the Edge

Plastic pallets have a buyer power score of 3.9 out of 5, reflecting high buyer power, according to a new report. “Because plastic pallets have a low level of specialization and low switching costs, buyers are able to attain stronger negotiation power,” says IBISWorld procurement analyst Lauren Setar. Additionally, substitutes for these … [Read more...]

Economic Impact Study Shows Wood Packaging Industry Supports 173,000 Jobs in the United States

Direct value of pallet industry output exceeded $10.7 billion, the highest level of output since 2007. A recent study from The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) found that the wooden pallet and container manufacturing industry has a direct or indirect impact on more than 173,000 jobs and generates a total economic … [Read more...]

Reusable Packaging News Briefs

Reusable packaging news briefs Italy: the hidden important steps of production at IFCO The objective is, therefore, to offer value-added services for each link in the chain of use and supply of the boxes. "The app is just the first step of processes that could become fully automated, with significant savings in terms of labor costs and zero … [Read more...]

LPR expansion in Central Eastern Europe

Pallet News Briefs 2019 LPR – La Palette Rouge, the pallet pooling specialist, a division of Euro Pool Group, is accelerating its expansion into Central and Eastern Europe (C.E.E.) and announces the development of its support team in this region thanks to the appointment of Slavomir Sykora, in charge of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary … [Read more...]