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“Our relationship with Fluensee allows us to easily scale our capability to serve the growing needs of our customers,” said William Serbin, EVP at Linen Technology Tracking. “Through the utilization of RFID technology we are providing companies with the unique ability to better control their operating costs and investment in assets critical to satisfying the needs of the hotel guests.”

“We are excited to be partnered with Linen Technology Tracking for the delivery of such an industry-leading solution to the hospitality industry,” added Tim Harvie, CEO, Fluensee. “As higher cotton prices continue to drive up the cost of towels and linens, Linen Technology Tracking is delivering a much-needed solution to better manage these assets, and in doing so has delivered significant value and a very rapid ROI to its customers.”

About Linen Technology Tracker, LLC.

Linen Technology Tracking, LLC., a privately held Florida limited liability company, was established for the purpose of development and commercialization of smart, low power wireless electronics for location, identification, tracking and monitoring functions, through use of Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) and its related software applications. The company has developed a proprietary patented solution that integrates passive UHF Radio Frequency Identification with high performance SMARTtags and antennas which meet the new standard for sensitivity for read performance (Gen 2). Improved asset visibility, combined with a powerful reporting and analytics capability, provides hotel management with the knowledge necessary to identify asset loss, manage inventory life cycles and maintain up to date inventory counts. This information will assist hotels in providing specific quality controls to make sure the room presentation is consistent across specific brand standards, ultimately enhancing the guest experience. For additional information, please visit

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