Pack Less Plastic Pallet Offers Lighter Weight, Improved Cube Efficiency

A new lightweight plastic pallet has touched down in the North American market by way of Brazil.

“Pack Less is not only recyclable,” Eduardo Contreiras of Pack Less ( explained recently to Reusable Packaging News,  “but the fact that it is less bulky and weighs about 10 times less than the wood pallets it reduces the number of trips a truck has to make to deliver the same goods. It is not only good for your pocket – lower freight – but also for the environment – less emissions.”

As case in point, Eduardo notes that Vonpar, a Coke bottler in Brazil, has achieved a 10-15% reduction on transportation through using Pack Less to ship PET preforms.

Perhaps the quickest way to get a sense of what the Pack Less is about is to show some images of it, as posted in this article.

According to Eduardo, the Pack Less is best suited for bags of any kind, super sack, and Gaylord boxes in a variety of industries. “Usually you are limited by weight or by volume in transporting your goods,” he emphasized. “Pack Less achieves both. Today it is being used in cement, chemicals, petrochemicals, metals, grains, sugar, packaging… as well as some unique applications like replacement car bumpers.”

Some of the key selling points of Pack Less include:

  • Light weight
  • Very good cube efficiency
  • Low cost
  • 100% recyclable
  • Fabulous empty pallet return rates (700 on a 20 ft. container)
  • Non-absorbent
  • Can be tailored to the customers’ needs.
  • Not chemically treated

Follow these links to see the Pack Less on youtube:

For more information, call Eduardo Contreiras at 281 459-0073.


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