Pallets and Food Safety: iGPS Responds to “Dishonest and Reckless” NWPCA Assertions

The pallet food safety public relations war rages onward. In response to the recent NWPCA press release related to butter contamination and iGPS pallets, iGPS has posted this response to its customers.

December 09, 2010

Letter to Our Customers:

You may have read a press release issued by the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) on December 8 alleging that iGPS pallets may be responsible for the apparent contamination of butter found in Dallas area grocery stores. To be clear, iGPS pallets are not involved in this matter in any way, and the NWPCA’s veiled suggestion that they are is just one more dishonest and reckless statement from the leadership of an organization that is desperate to hinder competition and innovation in the pallet industry.

Had the leadership of the NWPCA been interested in the truth, rather than irresponsible accusations, it could easily have determined that the manufacturer of the butter in question is not a customer of iGPS and that the products were shipped on wood pallets, not pallets from iGPS. Not only were iGPS pallets uninvolved with the shipment of this product, but the safety of our pallet has also been repeatedly confirmed by independent tests. In short, no product contamination has ever been linked to our pallet.

There are other insinuations of an equally baseless nature in the NWPCA release, but they do not merit further comment. You may rest assured that iGPS regards safety as its most important obligation and that we take pride in providing you with the safest and most advanced pallet available today.


Bob Moore

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