Pallets: CHEP Selects Omnitrol Networks’ Platform to Deliver Technology for the Development of a Track and Traceability Solution

The Omnitrol Networks’ real-time distributed application network platform has been selected by pallet and container pooling giant CHEP for the development of real-time asset and material tracking solutions. The OMNITROL product delivers the process-centric visibility and business intelligence required in challenging manufacturing and warehouse environments using a mix of Unique Identification Technologies, sensors and wireless mobile computers that are used to capture product events, status and timing information.

The OMNITROL award-winning programmable platform creates a powerful new vision by pushing real-time M2M and process-centric operational intelligence to the edge, and automatically correlating asset location, status and timing information with tasks directly on the operations floor as they happen.

“CHEP’s selection of the OMNITROL platform is a powerful endorsement of our vision towards the delivery of a real-time collaborative and operations intelligent supply-chain network”, said Raj Saksena, President and CEO of Omnitrol Networks.

Omnitrol Networks is a leading provider of distributed software solutions that automate business insight into physical operations. Partners and customers have successfully deployed process-centric intelligence solutions based on the OMNITROL platform to achieve substantial improvements in operational efficiencies, employee productivity, and sales growth. Examples of real-time solutions include manufacturing visibility, supplier production collaboration, global asset tracking and product traceability. OMNITROL-based solutions automate real-time visibility in operations by capturing and analyzing events from digital and analog sensors, RFID and wireless location-based sensors, and existing production control systems. Omnitrol Networks is a privately held company with its corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, California, USA.


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