Container Centralen Makes Noise About Quiet Delivery, Awarded “Noise Oscar”

At a ceremony held by the British Noise Abatement Society at the House of Commons November 9, Container Centralen and its range of low-noise returnable transport items were awarded the Highly Commended accolade, a “Noise Oscar.” The purpose of this reward is to recognise local authorities, organisations and individuals judged to have been outstanding in their efforts to both reduce the impact of noise nuisance and pioneer practical and innovative solutions to noise pollution.

To accommodate the demand for equipment that can enable quiet distribution to retail outlets at night and in the early mornings, CC launched a new range of low-noise and display-friendly transport items. The rolling steel pallets in ½ and ¼ euro pallet size, CC Rolly and CC Dolly, have received the PIEK certificate from Stichting Piek-Keur.

The noise levels of the rolling ½ and ¼ steel euro pallets CC Rolly and CC Dolly from Container Centralen (CC) have been tested by TNO (a Dutch independent scientific research organisation) to acquire the PIEK certification. Noise levels of both pallets stay within the maximum of 60 dB(A) to classify for this certification. This means that CC is the first company in the world to obtain a PIEK certificate in the category “goods carts” (load carriers).

PIEK is a Dutch programme for developing quiet methods of distribution to assist transport operators, producers and retailers to meet the stricter noise level requirements set by local authorities. To achieve the standard, each product is acoustically measured and must function emitting under 60dB(A) at 7.5 meters from the sound source, corresponding to the noise of normal conversation. It is then deemed suitable for out-of-hours delivery that will not cause noise disturbance to nearby residents. The allowed noise peak levels in residential areas are limited to 60 dB between 7:00 and 23:00h in several countries, and the PIEK standard has been adopted in many countries outside of the Netherlands, e.g. the UK, France, Germany and Belgium.

With certified noise levels below 60 dB, the CC Low Noise load carriers ensure that goods can now be delivered everywhere around the clock.

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