Cheesy Pallet PR for LPR, Reduced Pallet Admin Through One-Way Rental

There are certain things one comes to anticipate from UK pallet pooling press releases. For IPP Logipal, it is a cute play on words in conjunction with a related photo. (See for example the recent release about Frank’s Ice Cream.) For LPR, it is Jane Gorick fronting a stack or two of LPR rental pallets.

The contract of note in this instance is Multy, the world’s market leader in cleaning cloths and sponges, has switched its pallet pool provision to LPR, in a move to reduce the complexity of administration. More than 200 different products will now go to retailers across the UK on LPR’s distinctive, high quality red pallets.

Multy intends to benefit from the one-way rental approach from a truly outsourced pallet service, versus the altenrative of having to bring pallets back and reconcile complex invoices against pallet stocks.

Alex Godber, managing director at Multy UK, comments: “When moving so many different products to retailers based across the UK, we need a process that is simple to manage. The one-way-trip from LPR was exactly what we were looking for and the benefits in terms of simplicity of administration, pre-sorted high quality pallets and financial savings led us to change supplier. The rollout has gone well and we are confident that our business’ supply chain will continue to benefit in many ways.”

LPR UK has become a leading force in the pallet pool sector since arriving in the UK in Since arriving in the UK in 2003, LPR UK has continued to grow, now with a throughput of more than 7.5 million pallets per annum.

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