Total Pallet Management: CHEP and Font Vella Win Spanish ‘Best Logistics’ Award for Sustainability

CHEP Spain and Aguas Font Vella y Lanjarón, S.A. (Danone Group) have been named winners of the “2010 Best Logistics Award” in the area of Sustainability by El Vigia, a leading Spanish logistics industry trade magazine. The award recognizes CHEP’s work with Aguas Font Vella y Lanjarón, S.A. the major producer of bottled natural mineral water in Spain.

Total Pallet Management. CHEP established an on-site Total Pallet Management (TPM)* program at Font Vella’s facility in Sant Hilari Sacalm, Girona (Spain). TPM is a service developed by CHEP to sort, inspect, and repair pallets at or close to a customer site, to ensure that good pallets are reintroduced to the supply chain immediately and damaged pallets are repaired on-site.

Implementation of this TPM solution was a joint collaboration between Aguas Font Vella y Lanjarón, S.A. and CHEP Customer Services and Supply Chain teams. Not only has the programme improved pallet availability for this key customer, but it also provides them with strategic environmental benefits, including CO2 reduction.

Elimination of Intermediate Service Center. The Font Vella TPM site eliminates the need for an intermediate CHEP Service center to perform the same tasks. That represents a transport reduction across the supply chain of 205.000 Km per year – cutting the company’s Carbon Footprint due to pallet management by 36%.

Aguas Font Vella y Lanjarón, S.A. Supply Chain & Industrial Director Yves Amsellem was delighted to hear the news of the award. “The Total Pallet Management programme is very beneficial for us because by having a CHEP pallet classification and repair centre in our logistics facility, we have gained more flexibility in our daily activities. It has also optimised transport and improved the quality and efficiency of our operations,” he commented.

TPM Aids Sustainability. Mr. Amsellem related that Font Vella is committed to environmental sustainability and, from that aspect alone, the TPM programme was worthwhile. “Our company is deeply concerned with the reduction of the environmental impact of our operations, and the TPM project developed with CHEP is an example of how collaboration between two companies with a common objective on sustainability can improve not only business results but also can provide benefits for the environment and thus for the society,” he said.

CHEP Iberia Vice President & Country General Manager, Laura Nador, together with Yves Amsellem , Aguas Fontvella y Lanjarón SA, Supply Chain & Industrial Director accepted the Logistics Award at a ceremony on Nov. 3 in Barcelona. They were accompanied by David Cuenca, Director Customer Services, CHEP Spain and Victor Giné, Production Planner Manager from Font Vella y Lanjarón S.A.

“CHEP offers a TPM service to customers where both parties can gain from the benefits,” Nador explains. “With pallet inspection taking place at the Font Vella’s plant, any improvements made in materials handling processes translate into efficiencies for both parties.” She continues, “The agreement with Font Vella is a good example of how CHEP is willing to work closely with customers, listening to the needs and requirements of our customers and delivering solutions that are customized to their specific requirements, including sustainability as an increasingly important part of their strategy”.

*Total Pallet Management is a service developed by CHEP, whereby a sorting, inspection and repair plant is installed at or close to a customer site, to ensure good pallets are reintroduced to the supply chain immediately and damaged pallets repaired on-site. It is designed to optimise supply chain activity and to allow customers to focus on their core business activities.

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