RRP: Tesco Purchases 120,000 K-Roll Pallets, Harmonizes Bread Trays and Dollies

Packaging World editor Pat Reynolds has published the third segment of a very useful series on retail ready packaging. This RRP segment features British retailer Tesco, and includes mention of reusable transport packaging (RTP) applications, notably the harmonization of bread tray and bread dolly sizes among suppliers, in conjunction with Linpac, the reusable packaging vendor, as well as the use of K-Roll retractable wheel pallets from DS Smith Replen. The K-Roll plays a dual role (roll?) of being a wheeled dolly at the retail outlet, and a shipping pallet in the supply chain.

The bread tray harmonization helped eliminate complexity of bread supplier reusable programs, allowing Tesco to optimize retail presentation and reverse logistics.

The injection molded K-Roll is comprised of two different polypropylene compounds. The type used on the deck and flat components promotes stiffness and bearning strength, while the compound used for the legs and skirting is designed to promote maximum impact resistance. Tesco, according to the Packaging World story, will have 120,000 units in circulation by the end of the year.

It’s a pallet!

No, it’s a dolly!

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