ORBIS REUSABLE PACKAGING MANAGEMENT Enhances Its SmartTrak™ Asset Tracking Software

ORBIS RPM collaborates with Today IT to customize and deploy software that offers visibility of packaging throughout the global supply chain

ORBIS Reusable Packaging Management (RPM) is part of ORBIS Corporation, North America’s leading manufacturer of sustainable reusable packaging and an expert in supply chain optimization.

ORBIS RPM focuses on the effective management of all types of reusable packaging assets, from totes, dunnage and pallets to divider sheets, bulk containers and racks. It specializes in tracking, retrieving, cleaning and managing packaging assets for companies in the industrial, food/beverage and consumer goods industries. ORBIS RPM reduces return transportation costs by eliminating premium freight spending associated with packaging stock outs; maximizes return truck utilization and ensures packaging availability across the supply chain.

ORBIS SmartTrak is proprietary asset management software and was designed specifically to track, manage and provide visibility to reusable packaging assets at each stage in the global supply chain. ORBIS collaborated with Today IT, a leader in asset management software, to enhance its SmartTrak program. Today IT specializes in reusable packaging assets and customizes its software solutions to meet the unique needs of its partners.

With the new enhancements, ORBIS RPM users have the ability to monitor their respective inventories through a secure online portal and have visibility to empty packaging inventory on hand, when it came in and what is in transit. The system generates reports and provides proactive notifications of packaging related events. With ORBIS SmartTrak, companies are able to replenish packaging based on actual demand, eliminate manufacturing disruptions and prevent transportation expedites associated with packaging stock-outs. For more information about ORBIS SmartTrak, please visit www.orbisrpm.com.

TODAY IT, a market leader in reusable transport packaging management software solutions, is based in Delft in the Netherlands and fully focused on the management of reusable packaging. Its software, AVALANCHE, is used in industries like logistics, retail, pooling, aviation and automotive. Currently TODAY IT customizes solutions that are used by more than 20,000 users across Europe and the United States. For more information, please visit http://www.today-it.nl.

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