ORBIS Launches New FP243 Distribution Tote

ORBIS Corporation has introduced its newest attached-lid distribution tote designed for automated distribution centers (DC) and warehouses. The 27.0” x 17.0” x 12.0” FP243 is used to pick products at the DC and ship them throughout the supply chain.

The FP243 features a new optional easy-snap locking tab on the lid that keeps the container securely closed during conveyance and handling to reduce the risk of product damage or system downtime. Its improved nest stop, the molded-in feature that allows for efficient nesting and de-nesting, ensures more nested containers can fit in a standard 53’ trailer.

Its dimensional consistency, inherent in the molding process, ensures that the container provides repeatable performance throughout the supply chain, from picking to scanning to shipping. Like all FliPak containers, the FP243 stacks when full and nests when empty for the most efficient use of available space. With advanced design and engineering, the FP243 also:

  • Reduces transportation costs with a highly efficient nest ratio. More empty containers can be shipped in a standard 53’ trailer.
  • Offers system efficiency with NEW tab on lid that snaps easily into place to keep lid closed on conveyors.
  • Improves load handling with ability to band across the length or width (plastic hinge only) of the container.
  • Reduces labor cost by eliminating the mess and labor associated with the set up or disposal of corrugated shipping boxes.

This plastic reusable attached-lid container can take the place of single-use boxes/cartons for long-term packaging savings and at the end of its service life, it is fully recyclable. The FP243 is available with a solid, drain hole or plus grid textured bottom and a plastic or metal hinge. It is injection molded in high density polyethylene plastic and offers optional hot stamped logo placement, hot stamped sequential numbering placement, cardholders and label placards.


Plastic reusable packaging products and services improve the flow of product all along the supply chain to reduce costs. ORBIS helps world-class customers move their product faster, safer and more cost-effectively with plastic reusable containers, pallets and protective dunnage. ORBIS uses proven expertise, industry-leading knowledge, innovation, superior products and supply chain services (pooling, cleaning and logistics) to implement plastic reusable packaging systems. To learn more, contact ORBIS, a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, at 888-307-2185 or visit www.orbiscorporation.com.

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