ORBIS Enhances Kitchen Collector to Improve User-Friendliness

ORBIS container provides convenient in-kitchen food scrap collection, without mess

NPL390_KitchenCollector1It turns out that ORBIS Corporation, known to this readership as a reusable packaging and supply chain expert, also has a handle on the most effective logistics of getting those messy organics from the kitchen sink to the curb.  The North American manufacturer of plastic bins and carts for the collection of recyclables and organics has enhanced its Kitchen Collector for more convenient, user-friendly kitchen food scrap collection.

Among the design enhancements on the NPL 390 Kitchen Collector2 are new features that minimize potential messes during scrap collection and emptying. The bin’s wide opening accommodates standard plate sizes, making it easier to dispose of after-meal scraps.

The NPL 390 Kitchen Collector has been designed with a wider snap latch to ensure a secure seal.

“We’ve adjusted the entire lid design by installing lid stops for easy filling and emptying,” said John Sebranek, Environmental Marketing Manager for ORBIS. “When users fill the bin, the lid will stop at 90 degrees and remain open until they push it back down. When emptying, the lid stop keeps the lid out of the way at 270 degrees, which ensures there will be no mess when dumping the bin’s contents into a backyard composter or curbside cart.

The NPL 390 Kitchen Collector2 also includes a deeper finger grip area on the back of the base so the bin is less likely to slip out of a user’s grasp during one-handed emptying.

The container’s contemporary design fits in any décor, but for users that prefer to hang their Kitchen Collector on a cabinet door, the NPL 390 features reinforced wall mount holes that can withstand up to 2 gallons of waste., A larger, ergonomic handle allows users to more comfortably carry the bin from the kitchen to an outdoor compost pile or curbside container.

The NPL 390 Kitchen Collector2 can be taken apart for easy cleaning, and is entirely dishwasher safe. The bin is made from durable, BPA-free high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and is fully recyclable.

When paired with ORBIS’ 12-gallon Green Bin2 cart, the Kitchen Collector2 represents the first step in helping municipalities encourage more community residents to divert food waste from landfills—an initiative that ORBIS has been successfully introducing into many North American cities, including Portland, Ore., Toronto and New York City.

“We have been working closely with communities and municipalities to implement  food scrap diversion programs.” said Sebranek. “Easy-to-use bins like the NPL 390 Kitchen Collector2 help residents learn to efficiently divert food waste from landfills and personally contribute to the environmental impact their community makes.”

Additional NPL 390 Kitchen Collector benefits include:

  • Wide base creates a stable surface, eliminating potential for spills
  • Bag hooks keep  disposable  liners from falling into bin
  • Solid lid keeps food odors in the container
  • Vented lid option available

For more information, please visit www.orbiscorporation.com, www.linkedin.com/company/orbis-corporation, www.facebook.com/ORBISCorporation, or www.youtube.com/orbiscorp.