ORBIS Corporation Offers New Bulk Container for the Seed Industry

GEN250™ offers improved functionality and design for easier, efficient seed handling

ORBIS GEN250 seed box

OCONOMOWOC, Wis., USA  ORBIS® Corporation, the North American leader in reusable packaging, has created a new seed bin for the market called the GEN250. This new bulk container provides a more efficient and easy-to-use packaging solution for the agriculture industry’s seed needs.

Manufactured from high-density polyethylene, GEN250 is built for a long service life and environmentally friendly seed handling. The containers collapse and stack securely together, minimizing storage needs and increasing transportation efficiency. The new GEN250 features a streamlined bin design that offers the same seed capacity, with a truckload efficiency that allows for 34 percent more empty bins per return trip.

seed box ORBIS

ORBIS has selected Seedbox Solution as its exclusive distribution partner to commercially offer the seed bin to the industry. Seedbox Solution brings a wealth of business knowledge about the industry through its comprehensive and concentrated services.

“The agriculture industry needed a seed container that simplified seed handling through well-thought-out details and features,” said Bob Klimko, market development director for ORBIS Corporation. “A partnership with Seedbox Solution to bring this container to market seemed natural due to its industry-specific reusable packaging expertise and ORBIS’ manufacturing capabilities.”

The GEN250 is 100 percent stack-and-nest compatible with existing containers, allowing for the full integration of a two-brand supply. It interfaces with today’s seed tenders and is forklift and pallet jack compatible.
For more information on the GEN250 container, please contact Seedbox Solution or ORBIS Corporation.