ORBIS Corporation Awarded Two Industry Green Initiative Awards

Seeks to Assist Other Companies in Achieving Sustainable Leadership

ORBIS Corporation has long been known as a leading manufacturer of reusable plastic packaging and an expert in supply chain optimization, driving profitability and environmental sustainability for companies in the food and beverage, industrial, automotive and retail sectors. These efforts were recently highlighted when ORBIS was recognized as both an Inbound Logistics’ G75 Supply Chain Partner and Food Logistics’ Top Green Provider. This is the second year in a row that ORBIS was awarded both honors.

”As part of Menasha Corporation, environmental sustainability is a core part of our values. These awards reflect the hard work of our employees as we continue to reduce ORBIS’ impact on the environment, while delivering value to our customers. Our employees are engaged and are always looking for continuous improvement opportunities to create value for ORBIS, our shareholders and our customers,” said Christopher Shepard, Sustainability Lead for ORBIS Corporation.

By demonstrating a new way of thinking about how reusable packaging impacts every supply chain, ORBIS is leading by example and helping other companies with measureable improvements on their own sustainability and environmental impact – and prove it.

ORBIS offers environmental and economic analysis services to help companies calculate the impact reusable packaging can have on their efficiency and bottom lines. Using life-cycle assessments to compare reusable and single-use packaging, ORBIS applies data-driven analysis to help customers reduce their overall environmental impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste and energy usage. This analysis equips a company with the data they need to understand, prove and improve upon their sustainability—leading to tremendous opportunities for economic savings and reduced environmental impact. The work turns world-class businesses into leaders in sustainability, with the proof to back it up.

This is all part of a 5-Step Supply Chain Optimization Process, which ORBIS recently promoted at ProMat 2015 in Chicago. This process has been a proven success for Fortune 500 companies.

ORBIS’ commitment to leading a greener movement within the supply chain industry starts on the inside. From increased usage of recycled content to improved energy efficiency, ORBIS implemented more than 15 specific projects across its manufacturing fleet to reduce its environmental impact. Additionally, as part of Menasha Corporation, the company also calculates its impact on the environment in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and solid waste.

In 2014, Menasha Corporation tracked and reported its performance in the following areas:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Reduced by 4.21%, since 2010.
  • Water Use – Reduced by 26%, since 2010.
  • Solid Waste – Due to newly acquired facilities, experienced a slight increase of .65 pounds of landfill waste per ton of production

The Awards

Food Logistics’ Top Green Providers focuses on sustainability in the global food supply chain with profiles of companies who are exceeding industry standards in their sector. This year’s list includes grocers, 3PLs, cold storage providers, pallet and packaging manufacturers, software and technology companies and others whose products and services are elevating sustainability to a ‘competitive advantage’ in the industry.

Inbound Logistics’ G75 Green Supply Chain Partners highlights sustainability leaders in the transportation and logistics sector. Companies are evaluated based on their corporate sustainability initiatives, collaborative customer-driven projects, and participation in public-private partnerships.