ORBIS Achieves ESD Association Certification

Company increases knowledge of ESD control to help protect sensitive electronic parts


“Earning this certification has leveraged ORBIS as a leader within the electrostatic control space.” – TJ Bahr, project engineer, ORBIS.


OCONOMOWOC, Wis.  — ORBIS® Corporation, an international leader in reusable automotive part packaging, has received an ESD Association certification based on the company’s knowledge, experience and competency with helping customers protect sensitive electronic parts from electrostatic discharge (ESD). The certification, which just 78 people worldwide have received, is intended for individuals who are involved in designing, implementing, managing and auditing ESD control programs in their facilities. Individuals receive professional program manager certification, ensuring they understand the standard practices and problem-solving techniques used to create an ESD protection program. 

ESD transfers a finite amount of charge between two objects, usually resulting when two objects at different potentials come into direct contact with each other. Discharges from external sources such as humans, equipment or induced electrostatic fields can damage ESD sensitive parts. ESD can damage electronic devices, spark explosions or fires in flammable environments and cause data failures.


ESD packaging ORBIS

According to the International Energy Agency’s Global EV Outlook 2018, new electric vehicle sales hit record highs last year, surpassing 1 million units — up by 54% over 2016. Since electronics in the automotive supply chain are prone to damage through ESD, the need to package and protect these products with ESD-safe containers has become a major priority for today’s automotive manufacturers. 

ORBIS has responded to this need by offering a variety of ESD-safe packaging products to protect the most sensitive components from static charge that can occur during electronic device manufacturing, assembly and shipping. ESD-safe protective dunnage includes conductive properties, provides air gaps between sensitive parts and is ideal for transporting electronic components. ESD-safe material also is available in all ORBIS StakPak® and Hand Held Folding Containers.

For ORBIS, ensuring the company had properly trained and qualified personnel to speak to these products was the next step in providing advanced ESD protective solutions for customers. The certification has increased ORBIS’ overall competency level of ESD-safe products and will improve buyer-seller communication.

“Earning this certification has leveraged ORBIS as a leader within the electrostatic control space,” said TJ Bahr, project engineer, ORBIS. “This advanced knowledge, combined with our line of ESD-safe products, further proves ORBIS is continuing to help automotive companies move their electronic parts faster, better, safer and more cost effectively.”   

For more information on ORBIS and how ESD protective solutions can optimize your supply chain, please visit www.orbiscorporation.com.