ORBIS 1000 x 1200 Bulkpak® only plastic collapsible bulk container to hold up to 900 kg for European shipments

ORBIS offers BulkPak®reusable container for use in Europe


ORBIS Corporation, an international manufacturer of sustainable reusable packaging and an expert in supply chain optimization, features the collapsible all-plastic BulkPak®reusable container for use in the European market. Designed to European dimensions and produced in Europe, the HDB1012 BulkPak is the first heavy-duty plastic bulk container in the industry to hold up to 900 kg and is a reliable substitute for metal bins. It collapses when empty for return trips, allowing for more containers per standard truck compared with noncollapsible steel tubs.

The HDB1012 BulkPak system was designed to better protect and transport parts in global automotive and industrial applications. As part of the ORBIS BulkPak fleet, the HDB1012 series is engineered as a robust and durable container for heavy weight loads, making it well-suited for automotive or industrial parts packaging and other heavy-duty applications requiring increased packaging protection. The HDB1012 BulkPak offers logistics advantages, warehouse cost-savings and an environmentally friendly alternative to steel tubs, wood pallets, and crates.

This advanced BulkPak container system is structural foam molded in high-density polyethylene (HDPE), designed for durability and product protection. Additionally, it can be fully recycled at the end of its service life, making it an environmentally friendly packaging option.

ORBIS BulkPak containers collapse and stack securely together, allowing European companies to maximize their freight efficiencies while minimizing warehouse space needs and reducing returned transportation costs during storage and return shipment. Enhanced reparability features allow for easy on-site repair if needed.

The HDB1012 offers multiple identification options to meet customers’ specific material handling and supply chain requirements. It is available in four popular heights, providing further freight savings through optimization of the supply chain with pack density and part packaging. Customizable configurations of the BulkPak access doors and bottom styles accommodate a broad range of material handling equipment, storage and shipping needs.

Additional benefits include:

  • Reduced return freight costs with a higher ratio of collapsed bins versus noncollapsible steel bins
  • All-plastic material is easy to clean, does not rust and won’t harbor pests, mold or fungus
  • Lower total cost of ownership for an attractive return on investment
  • Enhanced reparability features deliver easy on-site repair
  • Large access doors provide excellent interior access and greater ergonomics for operator safety
  • Improved versatility with multiple heights (582mm, 732mm, 870mm, and 980mm)
  • Full-stringer or three-stringer bottom with zero, one or two access doors

View this video to learn more about the BulkPak line of ORBIS products. Visit OrbisCorporation.com for more information on the complete portfolio of BulkPak containers from ORBIS.


Source: ORBIS