Only Decorating Approach That is Truly Structural Foam Friendly

Polyfuze offers a reliable and consistent decorating method for porous structural foam surfaces.

Polyfuze Graphics on structural foam surface.

Polyfuze Graphics on structural foam surface.


Once again the team at Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation has discovered an innovative breakthrough,according to a company announcement. Polyfuze technology was originally developed for injection molded polyolefins and is the only plastic decorating method in the world which literally fuses with polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) on a subsurface level. And now recent applications confirm Polyfuze graphics also work well on structural foam!

Structural foam is a popular option because it is economical, and also offers excellent strength to weight ratio. Due to the porous surface of structural foam, which often includes surface imperfections, it is especially difficult to decorate. Polyfuze is a reliable and consistent decorating method for structural foam, which can translate into a reduced scrap rate for anyone decorating such material.

Time and time again, we have found that Polyfuze is a welcomed technology for many companies working to permanently decorate injection molded PE and PP. News that Polyfuze is also compatible with structural foam should come as another added benefit for anyone in the business of plastics decorating.


  • Polyfuze offers single or multi-colored (fine line detail) graphics.
  • Polyfuze is applied using standard hot stamp equipment.
  • The Polyfuze graphic is unique because it is comprised of pigmented plastic, instead of traditional inks.
  • Traditional ink methods degrade over time and fade under weathering and environmental elements.
  • Traditional inks can also be removed with various fuels, solvents and chemicals. Polyfuze graphics can withstand all of these factors and are 100% permanent.
  • Polyfuze can be manufactured to meet compliances such as FDA, ASTM, CPSIA, RoHS and REACH. And because the Polyfuze graphic is polymer based, it is 100% recyclable.

Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation is a sister company of Mold In Graphic Systems®, a respected global company that has been permanently branding the rotational mold industry for over 30 years. MIGS® formed Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation in order to service the fast paced injection mold industry with graphics on a roll, to keep up with high volume production. For more information, visit

Source: Polyfuze Graphics™