One Man’s Waste…Recycling Launched by First Alliance Logistics Management

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Charlotte, NC May 25, 2012. After the rapid growth of the recycling component of its business, First Alliance Logistics Management ( has recently launched One Man’s Waste…Recycling, a new subsidiary that specializes in the recycling of exotics. The goal of One Man’s Waste…Recycling LLC are simple – helping companies reduce or eliminate their solid waste, while saving them money.

While One Man’s Waste…Recycling helps companies divert such common items as packaging residuals, including OCC (old cardboard), shrink wrap and pallets, it specializes in helping companies recycle exotic or hard-to-recycle materials. Examples of these include materials such as rubber belting, old gloves, or textiles.

“Our company name is based on the old adage, ‘One man’s waste is another man’s treasure,’ explained Glenn Merritt, President of First Alliance Logistics. The company has been quietly building the recycling component of its business for the past few years and because of its success, recently launched it as a separate entity – One Man’s Waste…Recycling.

One Man’s Waste…Recycling was recently featured at The article provides an overview of how the company helps companies review their waste stream baseline and develop a customized management plan in support of such initiatives as Zero Waste or Zero Landfill. It works to identify markets for waste materials, develop a site recycling plan, and train employees to ensure success.

For more information on One Man’s Waste Recycling LLC, contact them at 1-888-900-4840 or visit them at


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