Oakland Pallet Announces Availability of Hybrid Beast

Hybrid Beast


Oakland Pallet has announced the availability of theHybrid Beast, from Amtek Pallet.  In conjunction with durable plastic end components, the Beast is manufactured with a 3/4-inch plywood top deck. The solid top deck allows it to handle an unlimited amount of different size product configurations and weight platforms.  Customers with liquid or small size dimension poducts would be ideal candidates for the “Beast”.  The plywood fully covered top deck also gives a natural anti slip deck with its natural wood fibers adhering to products placed on it.

“The majority of first time repairs on a standard 48×40-inch wood pallet are due to the lead boards being compromised,” explains Manuel Padilla of Oakland Pallet Co., the western U.S. distributor for Hybrid Plus, and now the Hybrid Beast. ” It was evident that this was the main focus for the conception of the Hybrid Plus pallet.  It was important in creating a real long lasting solution that would pass the test of time through any type of adverse supply chain conditions. The Hybrid Plus and the Hybrid Beast pallet platforms are the perfect balance with new plastic innovation coupled with natural sustainable wood components.”

Oakland Pallet also offers Hybrid Plus. For Hybrid Plus, Padilla notes, the most obvious attribute is the durability of the plastic wood encapsulated lead board unit ends.  “This means a reduction of handling and repair which directly correlates to savings,” Padilla adds.  “Several tests have been completed and so far this pallet has passed with flying colors. The structural integrity is very difficult to compromise.  Even the most unskilled forklift operator would have a hard time damaging this pallet.”

Padilla notes that Hybrid utilizes 100 percent sustainable 40″ 1×4″ and 1×6″cut stock lumber.  “This will allow flexibility and efficiency in the manufacturing process for hand and automation builds.”