NWPCA Pallet Recyclers Conference to Be Held in Dearborn, Michigan

Pallet industry participants from around the U.S. will get together this October 22-24 to attend the meeting, including tours of pallet facilities and an automotive plant in the Detroit area. The meeting start with a reception where you can network with industry colleagues. The next morning, tour Kamps Pallets and Michigan Pallets’ new and recycled manufacturing facilities. The day concludes a reception. On the morning of October 24, conference attendees are offered a private tour of the Ford Rouge Plant and then the opportunity to participate in the Recyclers Council meeting in an open forum to discuss some of the more pressing issue facing the industry.
kampsPallet plant tours include facilities of Kamps Pallets as well as Michigan Pallet, Inc. Kamps, Inc. services a five-state area of the Midwest: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin, and with their national network, Kamps can supply new pallets anywhere in the continental United States. Kamps has the capabilities to design new and remanufactured pallets for any purpose. They recycle a large variety of the most popular sized pallets for both the grocery and manufacturing industries.

MichiganPalletMichigan Pallet, Inc. operates plants in six Michigan locations. The company manufactures approximately 5.2 million new and recycled pallets per year. Their facilities include three automated sawmills and four pallet manufacturing/ recycling plants, and operate six computerized pallet assembly machines. Michigan Pallet has automated sawmills utilizing high production equipment that allows them to cut their own wood to ensure accuracy and quality.

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