NWPCA and Virginia Tech Team up for Pallet Design Course

Virginia Tech The NWPCA and Virginia Tech are teaming up for an upcoming pallet design course. On August 19-21, NWPCA Technical and PDS Manager Dr. Brad Gething joins Virginia Tech professor Dr. Laszlo Horvath for a two-day short course on Pallet Design and Performance in Blacksburg, VA. Attendees will learn the fundamentals of pallet design for both stringer and block pallets using the industry standard Pallet Design System 5.1 with LoadSync. The Course takes place at Virginia Tech’s Cheatham Hall, and targets wood pallet suppliers, sales professionals, professionals responsible for pallet purchases, packaging engineers, and those with responsibility for specifying pallets. The objectives of the course are as follows:

  • Learn how pallet design and selection affects materials handling costs
  • Learn the fundamentals of stringer class pallet design and performance including both new and remanufactured wood pallets
  • Learn the fundamentals of block class pallet design and performance
  • Learn how to use PDS™ to design stringer class pallets

buckhorn-sidebar-adTopics include: Effect of pallet design and selection on materials handling costs; fundamentals of new and remanufactured stringer class pallet design; designing block class pallets; designing stringer and block class pallets using PDS™. For more information, phone the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design: (540) 231-7107.

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