Northern Seafoods Receives Funding to Investigate Reusable Freezer Trays

Through Newfoundland’s Solid Waste Management Innovation Program administered by the Multi-Material Stewardship Board (MMSB), Northern Seafoods Ltd. a Canadian fish products producer, has received $8,000 to investigate the use of reusable freezer trays to replace corrugated inner cardboard cartons.

“More and more, we are seeing businesses in our communities, like Northern Seafoods, showcasing their environmental stewardship and developing innovative processes to reduce their footprint,” said Charlene Johnson, Minister of Environment and Conservation. “Key components of the waste management strategy include increasing waste reduction, developing modern standards and technology, as well as maximizing economic opportunities associated with waste management in the province. This project is a wonderful example of these components in action.”

Under the current process utilized by Northern Seafoods Ltd., product is placed in cardboard cartons for freezing, prior to placement in master cartons for final transport. The new process will involve the replacement of the inner cardboard cartons with plastic inners (trays) which, in turn, will be placed on freezer racks and frozen in air blast freezers. Once frozen, the product will be removed from the pans and placed inside master cartons, eliminating the need for inner cardboard cartons. This will potentially reduce 60 per cent of the total volume of packaging used.

The MMSB launched the new Solid Waste Management Innovation Program in October 2009. The program was created to encourage and support research and development of a new or improved technology, product, service or process that supports the ongoing implementation of the Provincial Solid Waste Management Strategy. The annual budget for the Innovation Fund is $100,000 with eligible projects receiving a maximum of $10,000. The program is available to provincially-owned and/or operated businesses, industry associations, post-secondary institutions and non-profit organizations. For more information on the Solid Waste Management Innovation Program,
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