Nordic ID and Container Centralen Sign a European Cooperation Agreement

Salo, Finland +++ Nordic ID and Container Centralen have signed a cooperation agreement to market and to sell software in the Nordic ID handheld readers to bring the benefits of RFID to the European horticultural industry. This is a part of Container Centralen’s “Operation Chip It”, which is the tagging operation that takes place in the autumn of 2010. All 3.5 million CC Containers must get new tags before the cutoff date: November 1, 2010.

With “Operation Chip It” Container Centralen introduces RFID technology in the horticultural industry to ensure that all CC Container users are prepared for the increasing demand for optimized transport and logistics. The RFID technology will benefit all organizations in the horticultural industry as it makes identification of the CC Container simple and quick, while providing a platform for future integration with IT Management systems.

“The cooperation with Container Centralen gives us a head start in delivering RFID scanners to the horticultural industry throughout all of Europe”, says Atte Kaskihalme, Sales Director at Nordic ID.

Container Centralen has already bought Nordic ID scanners with the horticultural industry software for their own use in order to improve their logistics with their CC Containers. Container Centralen has also certified Nordic ID PL3000 handheld reader with the horticultural industry software to be marketed and sold to their own customers so that also they can get the benefits from RFID. Nordic ID is an expert in RFID and experienced within the horticultural industry and thus can provide traceability to ensure freshness and origin for the products.

About Container Centralen

Container Centralen A/S (CC) has a leading position in transportation equipment pooling systems within the European flower and plant industry. The system has been extended to other continents, making it as simple to export or import goods to and from any country in the world, as it is within Europe. At the same time, CC serves many customers in the retail food industry, including a number of the biggest supermarket chains in Europe.

CC uses a concept based on two principles: CC’s well-acknowledged CC Pool System with 1:1 exchange as well as products of standard dimensions: Full trolleys or crates are simply exchanged for empty ones and vice versa. We take care of repair and maintenance. For more information about Container Centralen, please see

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