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Monoflo leverages leading technology to provide plastic reusable systems that offer unique solutions to the many industries they serve. They understand that today’s marketplace is facing increased pressure to reduce costs, limit risk exposure, and improve supply chain performance. The company supplies handheld containers including ones it pioneered as well as plastic pallet and bulk containers that are the market’s performance leaders.

Coroplast is a manufacturer of profile extruded polypropylene sheet. While the majority of its products are sold through distribution to various industries, including graphic sheet, construction, and single use packaging, they are targeting growth in the reusable packaging sector. Its products are used as dunnage in applications such as automotive part reshippers but the company is also targeting several other industries, such as agriculture, for further penetration in this segment. An example of this would be a collapsible lightweight carton used in the harvesting and processing of crops.

ALSCO, based in China, is the association’s fourth international member. It is a leading logistics services and packaging manufacturer and solutions provider in the Asia-Pacific region. ALSCO has been providing quality products and returnable packaging solutions for the automotive, retail and transport industries across the world since 1998. Among the company’s clientele are top OEM car manufacturers such as GM, Toyota, VW, Ford, Honda and Mazda. ALSCO is starting global operations to offer the company’s customers a complete supply chain solution for returnable packaging. ALSCO’s products range from returnable packaging to intelligence logistics systems to match different demand of the company’s clientele.

Amatech/Polycel manufactures custom-designed, reusable, collapsible corrugated plastic boxes, dunnage, and related shipping and stor age prod ucts. Application engineers assist OEMs, distributors, sales reps and consultant to create economical and user-friendly designs. Amatech/Polycel assists cus tomers in every step of the process from con­cept, design and prototyping, to final manufacturing. In business for over 20 years, the company has locations in Erie, PA and Columbus OH.

Wave Reaction provides returnable container management software and RFID tracking hardware used solely for reusable packaging solutions.

Polymer Solutions International Inc is a global manufacturer of a wide variety of reusable plastic material handling products including pallets and shipping containers for the bev­er age, food, indus trial and medical industries.

LOMOLD USA LLC markets the LOMOLD™ pallet and pallet sys tem. The LOMOLD™ pallet system is an innovative, complex, 3-dimensional long-glass fiber composite pallet and related products.

Fitzmark Inc manages and administers freight needs for a number of industries. One of its special ties is work ing with companies that own a fleet of return able assets. Another area of focus is on consolidation of LTL freight into large partials to create freight cost savings for customers and allow them to move their container assets or smaller freight quantities at lower prices than traditional LTL modes. Fitzmark is also the sole sales agent for the Smart Vault and PharmaVault. These are returnable, reusable shipping solu­tions unique to their vertical industries that are designed specifically to ship high-value goods that are sub ject to tampering, theft and damage.

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