New Treatment Technology for ISPM 15 – Vacuum/Steam Treatment Explored

A new flexible heat treatment technology for wood offers the potential for faster cycle time, as well as up to a 25% savings in energy consumption and initial cost.

Join Drs. Zhangjing Chen and Marshall White, Department of Wood Science and Forest Products, Virginia Tech, as they present a seminar entitled, “Vacuum/Steam Treatment of Wood Pallets and Pallet Stringers.” The presentation will discuss new treating technology for compliance with ISPM 15 (Phytosanitation treatment of wood for export).ISPM-15 alternative treatment

The session will take place on Jan. 18, 2012, at the Wood Education and Resource Center, USDA, Forest Service, 301 Hardwood Lane, Princeton, WV 24701.

Pre-registration is required. To register for the seminar, please contact
Dr. Zhangjing Chen.
Phone, (540)231-4403

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