New Transport Dolly for Reusables has introduced a bright new transport dolly to its growing array of box accessories.

Go Plastic Pallets 2014The transport dolly is designed to promote safe and easy movement of stacked crates. says the transport dollies are lightweight, hygienic and suitable for use in cold stores, clean rooms and all types of retail spaces.

The new transport dolly is manufactured from virgin, fully recyclable ABS – recognised for its toughness and impact-resistance. The dolly’s wide-set base measures 607mm x 407mm and lips around the perimeter ensure easy, secure stacking for boxes of various sizes from shallow trays to taller-sided crates. A twist and turn feature means the dolly can be turned and stacked at 90 degrees in stacks up to 25 dolly’s high when empty, taking up minimal storage space.

Weighing just over 3kg, the dolly can tolerate loads of up to 300kg – and is fully tested to ensure both reliability and operational safety. The dolly is supported by four revolving run-silent castors which glide with ease over flat surfaces and up and down ramps.

Maintenance of the dolly clean is easy, as it can be washed in temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius – providing a desirable choice for food and pharmaceutical industries.

Red and yellow dollies are currently in stock for next day delivery and other colours and branding options are available upon request. is the sister company of, which was established in 2001 as a division of All Pallets Ltd and has fast become the UK’s leading independent supplier of plastic pallets and containers. stocks in excess of 115 different plastic containers, crates and trays and a variety of accessories, including dollies, lids and flooring. has six distinct ranges – automotive (RL-KLT) range, attached lid range, euro range, folding range, agricultural range and food range.

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