New Reusable Totes Offered by Macro Plastics and Calpine Containers

Fairfield, CA – Macro Plastics and Calpine Containers listened to customer feedback and have worked together to bring two new produce totes to market. Originally designed with grape growers in mind, the MacroTote 5-FV can be used to achieve greater efficiencies when shipping any types of produce and the MacroTote 6-FV is designed to improve product quality, handling, and storage capacity.macro tote

The new MacroTote 5-FV (accompanying picture) is a single-piece, injection-molded collapsible tote. Its lightweight construction and ergonomic handles allow for easier handling in the field. Even though it weights only 1.37 pounds, the MacroTote 5-FV has a peak depth of 6.3 inches and is strong enough to hold 36 lbs. of produce. In addition, with a flip style latch and hinged edges, this reusable tote easily folds down flat to 1.34 inches in height, making it extremely cost-effective when used for one-way shipments. “Our customers are very pleased with the durability and functionality of this lightweight tote,” states Peter Piccioli, VP of Ag Sales for Macro Plastics, “they have reported improved pack out and minimized freight costs with its use.”

Designed with product quality in mind, the patented MacroTote 6-FV has rounded corners and smooth surfaces to reduce damage during handling. “Swamp” grips on the underside of the tote allow workers to easily handle the totes during harvest and move product quickly into cold storage. Once there, over 400 air vents in each tote facilitate the flow of air around the produce, extending shelf life. “Our table grape customers have been looking forward to the launch of the MacroTote 6-FV,” said Eva Hammond, Marketing Director for Calpine Containers, “with a load capacity of 28 lbs. per tote, and the ability to stack them 3 pallets high with a maximum stack weight of 1,193 lbs., our customers will be able to maximize storage capacity and production.”

These new totes will be available across the U.S. from Macro Plastics and Calpine Containers’ distribution centers in California and Arizona. For more information about the full line of MacroTotes available from Macro Plastics, call 1-800-845-6555 or contact Calpine at 559-519-7162.

Source: Macro Plastics / CalPine Containers

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