New Reusable Crate Program Saves San Diego-Based Moving Company from Disposing 3600 Boxes per Month

Here is an interesting spin on a marketing strategy involving reusables. A moving company is offering free use of reusable moving crates as part of its service. Since Manpower Movers, a San Diego based moving company, introduced its free, “Eco-Crates” program to help customers save money on cardboard boxes, business has been sprouting.

According to Manpower Movers’ owner, Joe Giuntini, “potential customers respond very enthusiastically when they learn that that our free Eco-Crates service will save them between $100 and $200 in cardboard box purchases on their next move. Manpower’s new Eco-Crates program has helped the company increase business in an economic climate that has so many small businesses struggling.

Eco-Crates are durable, reusable plastic crates that measure about three feet long, by two feet wide and two feet deep. So they hold more than the average size cardboard box. Eco-Crates are rigid and won’t bend or collapse while carrying them from the truck to the residence or office. Plus, they are stackable.

Manpower Movers keeps about 700 of the crates in stock — to make them available to their customers free of charge. The company says that the average moving customer uses about 30 of these convenient, environmentally friendly crates, instead of the traditional method, that requires 40 or more cardboard boxes.

“When customers request the Eco-Crate Service, we drop off their crates about seven days before their scheduled moving date,” Giuntini said. “It not only saves them a lot of money, but it also saves them the stress and hassle of tracking down and transporting the 30 to 40 cardboard boxes they would need to pack their precious, household belongings.”

After the customer has emptied their Eco-Crates in their new location, Manpower Movers sends out a truck to retrieve the crates free of charge. “The Eco-Crates program saves us from having to stock and discard thousands of cardboard boxes each month, ” Giuntini said.

Prior to introducing the free Eco-Crate program, Manpower was sending about 120 cardboard boxes per day — about 3600 per month — either to a recycling center or into the trash bin. “If you add up all those boxes we are now saving each year, we’re also saving a lot of trees,” Giuntini stated. “The Eco-Crate program is a rare example of a planet-friendly business program that reduces waste, saves customers money and doesn’t require any government subsidies.”

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Manpower Movers serves customers in San Diego and Orange Counties. The company has 5 trucks and about 25 employees. For more information, visit San Diego Movers.


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