New Reusable Container System Offers Eco-Friendly, Secure Delivery has announced the addition of a new lightweight modular container to its range – one it calls a cost effective alternative to existing sleeve packs. It is easy to assemble, secure and offers customers the potential to reduce their carbon footprint., the UK’s leading independent supplier of plastic pallets and containers, now stocks the Modular Pak: a lightweight sleeve pack with three components – a nestable pallet base with secure catches, a plastic sleeve and a lid. When flat packed, the container takes up minimal space and the lid fits perfectly over the pallet, protecting the sleeve from dirt and water and promoting long term reuse.

Its low tare weight is up to 15kg less than comparable containers, making high volume distribution of goods such as lightweight packaging – for food, pharmaceuticals and automotive parts, for example  –  more economically and environmentally efficient. The space saving of its flat-pack design when empty means collection and redeployment is also made easier than with comparable boxes.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said: “In order for manufacturers and distributors to minimise the weight of their loads on every journey, therefore reducing their carbon footprint, they need to be given alternatives which don’t compromise their goods in any way. The Modular Pak offers improved environmentally friendly distribution with ease of handling and secure features.”

Available in 1200mm x 1000mm, the Modular Pak has four simple slide catches to secure the plastic sealed sleeve to the pallet and two deep drop-down doors which have Velcro attached to keep them closed, but when open, provide easy access to goods. Special “grab” handles in the lid allow it to be easily and quickly lifted off. It’s also possible to stand one Modular Pak on top of another – ideal for where storage space is limited. They have a low operation cost and are impact resistant, capable of carrying a 500kg dynamic load or 1000kg static load.

Popular for the transport of packaging, the introduction of this product to’s range brings potential efficiencies to manufacturers that need to deliver large quantities of their goods in the early stages of the supply chain.

The Modular Pak is available in the UK immediately from stock. For further information on the Modular Pak call

Go Plastic Pallets Eastbourne

The Modular Pak is a lightweight cost-effective alternative.

Go Plastic Pallets Eastbourne

Four simple slide catches secure the plastic sealed sleeve to the pallet.

Go Plastic Pallets Eastbourne

Special “grab” handles in the lid allow it to be easily and quickly lifted off.

Go Plastic Pallets Eastbourne

When packed flat, liner is protected from dirt and moisture, promoting long-term reuse.


  1. Lucian Pop says

    I am interested in a sleeve pack solution for one of our international supply routes. Please let me know if there is a US based supplier and if you can provide some price information for reference. I am looking for a 48x45x34 packaging solution.

  2. This is available in India. Pls send me details in my mail. We required 1000 qty.

  3. We are a manufacturer of PP corrugated sheet&container,we can supply you the PP sheet (raw material and the end containers with latches and lids),please check our websites for details,thank you!

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