New Retail Display Pallet Offers Improved Appearance and Ergonomics

Metuchen, NJ (MMD Newswire) May 5, 2011 –The business of promoting national and private label brands in retail stores with over-stacked and splintered wood pallets has been a decades old merchandising practice even though retailers have spent millions of dollars updating their respective stores to make the shopping experience more visually appealing for their customers. Thanks to a new invention called the P3™, stacked pallets have never looked better nor easier to buy and stock. A new pallet lifting technology could very well change how promotional goods are displayed and shopped in retail stores, and a triumvirate that includes brands, retailers and consumers would all be the key benefactors. The P3™, short for Promotional Pallet Presentation, uses precision calibrated, high tension springs to elevate stacked pallets of merchandise off the sales floor for easy stocking, viewing and buying. The patent pending P3™ uses gravity to collapse four springs into fully compressed levels when a fully loaded pallet is positioned onto the P3’s platform. Then, as product begins to sell down, the springs begin to gradually uncoil and extend up, raising product to convenient, easy to access levels.

Great for Bulk Case Goods

Whether it’s 50 pound bags of dry dog food, cases of bottled water and soda, or heavy packages of top soil and other garden related bulk goods, the P3 positions product at hip to shoulder levels, making access to product quick and easy and limiting the probability of injury to shopper and store associate. In mass retail stores, where the core consumer is female, eliminating the need to bend down and lift heavy product into a shopping cart can be a big customer convenience. In customer intercepts one middle aged single working mom living in a central New Jersey suburb, said that the P3™ can be a ladies best friend. “I’m a single parent that frequents my local grocery store a couple of times a week. I’m always buying bulk cases of water and can never find people in the store to help me lift these cases into my shopping cart, she adds. “Most shopping carts are not designed to accommodate bulk packages, so any assistance I can find to make my shopping experience less painful is very much appreciated.”

The P3™ was designed and developed by TRINITY, LLC, an in-store marketing company based in Metuchen, NJ that specializes in creating innovative merchandising solutions for retailers and CPG companies. According to Nick Farinola, Senior Vice President for Business Development at TRINITY, the P3 is a “win, win, win” proposition “Any merchandising solution today must successfully engage three primary beneficiaries, namely the retailer, CPG company and the shopper. If any of these stakeholders suffer, whether its through lost sales, operational inefficiency or shopper inconvenience, then the solution can be pretty much be classified to be a failure,” says Mr. Farinola.

Pallets Get a Face Lift…Literally

Thousands of retail stores use pallet drops to promote off price goods. Many of these stores have spent millions of dollars remodeling their interiors to improve merchandise appeal and overall shopping experience, yet pallets remain untouched, dropped in high traffic areas within a store, splintered and over stacked, lacking visual appeal. “Supermarkets, mass retailers, office supply, club stores and home centers all use pallets to promote off price goods” says Mr. Farinola. “All use basic visual techniques that include a pole topper and simple shroud to communicate price and brand. The P3™ gives the promotional aisle an identity. It creates a destination in the store that drives traffic and ultimately purchase,” he adds.

The P3 is not a one size fits all. While it is designed to merchandise heavy bulk goods like dog food, bottled water/soda, and various other heavy products, the springs at TRINITY’s Metuchen, NJ factory can be calibrated to function with lighter product. The P3’s platform is made from recycled plastic, so not only is it ecologically friendly, it is nearly indestructible. New mini P3™ ‘s and other uses of this vertical-pusher approach are in development.

Originally sponsored by Nestle Purina Pet Care, the P3™ is currently in test in select supermarket and mass market retail locations, and the results thus far have been very encouraging. Greg Norsworthy, Purina’s Director, Retail Presentation, thinks the P3™ is a natural for heavy bags of pet food as well as kitty litter. “Focus group and consumer intercept feedback has shown us that the promotional pallet lifter is a welcomed retail solution,” claims Mr. Norsworthy. “The large colorful shroud gives us a great billboard to communicate brand identity and value message,” he added. The P3™ has helped Purina secure floor space in prominent drive aisle locations. Product sell-through during testing has exceeded expectations. According to Mr. Norsworthy, sales of Purina dog food have increased more than 50% during peak promotional events, and 25% during off peak periods. Consumer reaction has been even better. “Shoppers love the fact that they don’t have to struggle to lift heavy product into their carts,” notes Mr. Norsworthy. The convenience factor is a big plus, and it shows the customer that the retailer cares about their well being,” he concluded.


  1. Rochelle Pillay says


    Is this concept available in South Africa?

  2. Rick LeBlanc says

    Hi Rochelle,

    If it isn’t available yet, I see no reason why it shouldn’t be soon. I would encourage you to contact the vendor mentioned in the article. Polymer Logistics is another vendor offering a spring assist pallet container to elevate product as it is removed from the stack.

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