New Paylode® Rail Bulkhead Spacer

Railroad companies continue to remove ‘movable bulkheads’ from railcars in their fleets without offering an alternative cargo protection solution. Paylode®, a manufacturer of reusable dunnage, has engineered the Rail Bulkhead Spacer in response to shippers left to seek their own answers.

Moveable bulkheads – the heavy, suspended steel panels long used to compartmentalize boxcars – are prone to jamming, expensive to maintain and can be hazardous to operate. Also known as dunnage free bulkheads (DFB) or reduced bar liners (RBL), their use has sharply declined since 2006 as railcars that utilize them continue to be unfitted or phased out.

“Shippers are asking ‘Now what do I do?’ Some have even stopped using boxcars altogether as an option to transport their products,” explains David Shell, business development manager for Paylode, adding that vanishing bulkheads have further increased the amount of disposable corrugated and plywood dunnage in rail supply chains.

Paylode’s reusable Rail Bulkhead Spacer (102ʺHx39ʺWx17ʺL) fills longitudinal voids in railcars, absorbing up to 41,000 lbs. of force without crushing. Manufactured from lightweight and rigid polyethylene, it weighs just 55 lbs. (easier handling/faster loading) and has a long service life of more than seven years. It is typically configured as two interlocking units snapped together and is often combined with Paylode’s Void Panels and airbags to prevent destructive load shifting caused by longitudinal and lateral forces as well as harmonic vibrations inside railcars.

The modular, nestable Rail Bulkhead Spacer is ideal for any load pattern for applications where moveable bulkheads are/were common including beverages, building materials, canning (particularly ‘brights’), canned and boxed foods, lumber, and pipe and steel as well as bagged cement, chemicals, fertilizer, grains and minerals.

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