New Notbox MD Sets his Sights on Replacing the Traditional Cardboard Box

Jonathan Cobb has been appointed Managing Director of The Notbox Company with a mission to get companies to change the packaging habits of a lifetime and reduce their reliance on the single use traditional cardboard box.

The Notbox Company has patented a new, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, multi-use, reusable, recyclable alternative to the traditional one-use cardboard box. Under the ownership of new private investors, it plans to make a big impact in the world of packaging, he says.

His brief is to scale up the operation by establishing Notbox as a leading brand in the packaging industry for any business looking for an environmentally-friendly and cost efficient solution. The company will initially focus on opportunities in the supply chain and marketing sectors and will also develop a range of Notboxes for consumer use. He is also responsible for long-term quality control, industry compliance and product innovation.

He said: “Notbox is for any company that wants to remove cardboard from its supply chain or that has a CSR commitment to lower the company’s carbon footprint. It is equally well suited to businesses that need a quirky, re-usable packaging solution for a marketing campaign or for the consumer market. This is an extremely exciting and timely opportunity and we see untold potential for Notboxes across numerous sectors globally. To give our proposition some scale, one customer using a million single-trip cardboard boxes a year in a cycle from its distribution centre to retail store will lease 125,000 reusable Notboxes to save over £200,000 per year. They’ve also calculated that every 100 boxes they take out of their supply chain will reduce their annual CO2 emissions by 74kg.”

Notboxes can be branded for customers, are available in over 20 colours, come in a variety of sizes, can be bought outright or leased and can be designed to provide a wide-range of bespoke packaging solutions. For further information, go to

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