New Litco 48” x 45” Presswood Automotive Pallet Is Cost-Effective Alternative to Plastic

Litco International Inc., North America’s leading source of Inca presswood pallets, has launched a nestable 48” x 45” automotive pallet.  This new product offering is specifically designed to meet the needs of Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to the automotive industry that can use a low cost nestable , non-plastic pallet.

The automotive industry has traditionally favored the use of plastic returnable pallets and totes with this size footprint.  Space saving nestability, long life span and exemption from IPPC-ISPM 15 regulations has made plastic the pallet material of choice for many Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers shipping components both domestically, and to assembly plants in Canada and Mexico.  Although these supply channels tend to be of the closed loop variety, higher pallet acquisition costs and loss rates have some logistics professionals searching for alternatives.

According to Vice President Gary Sharon, many of the design features that make presswood a viable alternative to plastic and wooden pallets are a function of the manufacturing process.  Presswood pallets are made using a unique process that combines wood fiber and resin with high heat and pressure to create a precision molded 48” x 45” pallet.  The finished pallets are nestable, offering a 4:1 space savings ratio over conventional pallets, and because Inca pallets are considered “processed wood,” they are not regulated by IPPC-ISPM 15 and are welcome worldwide as-is.

The molding process also yields a stiffer, more rigid automotive pallet.  “It has a density greater than air dried red oak,” explains Sharon. “This enhances the integrity of a unit load because the stiffer the pallet, the better the unit load performs, resulting in less package and product damage during transit. And, they’re generally more affordable.”   Although this new size was specifically developed for automotive applications, Sharon explains the “48 x 45” is a popular size which should appeal to shipping professionals from a broad range of market sectors.  The size ranks #7 of all pallets produced in the USA.”

To learn more about all sizes of presswood pallets suitable for domestic and export applications, contact Litco International, Inc. at 330-539-5433 or


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