New French Joint Venture Offers Lean Solutions

K.Hartwall has joined together with its partners Movexx International B.V and Bloksma Engineering GmbH has formed a new sales distribution company in France in the shape of a joint venture.

The name of the new company is Groupe Lean France. The decision was taken earlier this year after all three companies recognized the synergies supplying Lean solutions to the automotive industry. The new company will offer to its French customers a complete product range of ergonomic and efficient solutions from load carriers to lifters, supermarkets or electro pullers to further optimize material workflow.

Groupe Lean France will have its headquarters in Paris with a close reach to the main French car manufacturers in addition to Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers.

“We are very excited about this new strategic partnership in France. We believe that together we can serve better the French automotive industry with a very strong offering for the implementation of Lean Logistics both for the individual facilities and, just as importantly, throughout the automotive supply chain. The product portfolio contains a full range of innovative solutions including Lean Dollies & Adaptor Pallets, lifters, supermarket equipment and ergonomic electro pullers.” commented Lars Hee Hansen, Head of Business Unit Lean at K.Hartwall.

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