New Foldable Plastic Liquid IBC from Horen Plastics Offers Range of Improvements


Over five years in research and development by Horen Plastics, the company has now released its new foldable plastic liquid IBC, OptiFlow™1040(OF1040). The OF1040 slashes costs compared to alternatives such as drums, steel IBCs or even other foldable IBC products.  According to Horen, the foldable bag-in-box container concept simplifies handling throughout the suply chain and, as OF1040 is reusable, it delivers significant waste reduction versus single trip alternatives. The company states that the new IBC is  super strong, extremely robust and easy to handle. Horen has applied more than 30 patents in the development of the OF 1040.

OF1040 is offered in the international standard size of 1200mm x 1000mm. As many customers ship internationally, adopting the international footprint enables the efficient movement of product between countries and continents.

At an empty return ration of 3.5 to 1, the OF1040 has the highest folding ratio of any IBC currently on the market, says Horen Plastics, adding that the folding ratio is a very important attribute of reusable packaging systems. That folding ratio determines how much space can be saved in storage or transportation for the movement of empty containers. For a 2.6m standard trailer, it can hold 182 units of the Horen IBC but only 130 units of other IBCs. For a 3m mega road train, it can take 240 units of the Horen IBC but only 180 units of other IBCs. This dramatic improvement translates into direct cost savings within the liquid industry supply chain, says Horen Plastics.

Important design improvements have been incorporated. Case in point, the lid of an IBC plays an important role in protecting the liner and also preventing excess movement of the liner contents during transportation. Conventional IBC lids are heavy and difficult to use and often necessitate 2 people to operate. Horen has improved this situation with the introduction of a hanging lid system which allows the lid to be easily opened and closed by one person. An additional benefit, it is not necessary to find somewhere to store the lid when the IBC is opened as it conveniently hangs on the back wall of the IBC.

Also of note, the lid features self locking handles. To close the lid the operator only needs to press down on the lid and the locks will engage automatically. There are hand hold areas on the lid which allow the operator to easily fit the lid onto the IBC. A full set of instructions of how to fold and unfold the IBC and how to operate the lid have been molded onto the lid surface. A tamper evident clip with unique security number can be placed over the handles keeping the contents of the IBC safe. The lid has been designed to automatically drain off an excess liquid.

The OF1040 has a double smooth base design, more hygienic and stronger than one smooth base. Three skids base with steel reinforcement to increase strength. Anti-slip rubbers on the base keep the container from slipping on the forklift tines. Pallet base design has stainless re-enforced blocks feet and 4 corner feet to reduce FLT damage. The stainless steel pallet foot protectors will need to be sealed so that there can be no risk of contamination behind them. The base can be equipped with RFID in the opposing feet of the unit to help track the movement of product. The base slopes from the back of the unit towards the sump so that any excess liquid will automatically escape out of the drainage holes positioned in the bottom of the sump. This function ensures rain or any other liquid does not get trapped in the base of the IBC.

The base allows the use of specially designed HBB (Heater Base Boards). HBB’s can remain inside the IBC even when the container is folded. A specially designed cavity allows for the power cord of the HBB to go through the wall of the IBC.

The OF 1040 has a very generous sump space allowing for easy valve handle application. The sump cover will attach to the IBC wall panel when open, through the use of a magnetic device. The sump cover will return to its original closed position automatically when the panels are folded. The sump cover has a tamper evidence (TE) function. A TE clip with security number can be attached when the sump is locked.

Non-sequential folding allows for quick and easy assembly and collapsing. A patented and robust hinge design enables easy installation and removal of the wall panels without the use of any special tools. The side panels are reinforced by metal tubes. All panels are double smooth, hygienic and durable. The long side panels have an anti-collapsing device that holds the wall in place to protect the worker. OF1040 has an easily maneuverable, reinforced drop door. All steps associated with opening and closings are quick and easy. The Drop door allows the liners to be easily installed.

Specially positioned sight glasses allow the user to quickly identify the liquid level in the container. This is optional. Also we have embossed a liter level gauge on the inside of the back panel. The ‘ear’ slots on the top of the wall panels allow the use of a bag roller.

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Source: Horen Plastics


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