New FliPak Container Promotes Automation Efficiency, Reduces Return Transportation Cost

The FP143 is the newest addition to the FliPak product line of reusable plastic containers from ORBIS Corporation. The nestable FP143 container is effective in reducing unnecessary transportation costs for applications including  grocery, health and beauty care, automotive and consumer goods.FliPak

Building upon a legacy of attached-lid container innovation that has  transformed modern distribution systems for more than 25 years, the FP143 continues the tradition with a design that works in many automation systems in today’s supply chains. The reusable plastic attached-lid container takes the place of corrugated shipping boxes for long-term reduction in packaging costs, a durability that means greater overall operational efficiency and space savings.

Like all FliPak containers, the FP143 stacks when full and nests when empty for a more efficient use of available space. In addition, it features a highly efficient nest ratio, reducing the need for additional transportation expenses – enabling users to reduce their environmental impact.

Designed and engineered to provide superior user efficiency, the FP143:

  • Minimizes automated system downtime – With a new optional tab on the lid that snaps easily into place to keep the lid closed on conveyors and automated systems
  • Reduces transportation costs – With a highly efficient nest ratio, more empty containers can be shipped per trip in a standard 53’ trailer
  •  Improves load handling with the ability to band across the length or width of the container
  •  Cuts labor costs by eliminating the mess and work time associated with the setup or disposal of corrugated shipping boxes and the waste they generate

“The FP143 is an example of how ORBIS utilizes design and engineering to deliver benefits at every step of the process for our customers, while keeping the environment top-of-mind,” says Andrea Nottestad, marketing manager for ORBIS Corporation. “In addition to its built-in efficiencies as a stackable, reusable plastic tote, we’ve added a simple yet ultimately effective snap as an option to keep lids closed without the need for extra materials such as tape or cable ties so it doesn’t open or jam on conveyors.”

Additional benefits of the FP143 include:

  • Hinge improvements minimize snags and safety hazards
  •  Textured areas on the long and short sides, for easy label removal
  • Lid design that transfers weight to the base of the container, supporting high weight loads
  • Dual color options – the ability to select separate lid and base colors
  • Security holes that work well with ties, fastener plugs, etc.
  • Increased truckload quantity – 1,200 more totes per 53’ truck than alternative totes Straight handle for improved interface with automation
  • With an extended service life of up to 250 trips, these containers add efficiencies with a return on investment in six to 18 months (length of service life and payback time depends on specific application).

“Our goal is to help companies move their products more efficiently, more cost-effectively, and with a reusable container that will give them a significantly reduced payback period. This container helps us do just that,” says Nottestad.

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