New Beer Crate Generates Brand Awareness

The Challenge

Bofferding wanted to update and refresh their brand identity to differentiate themselves even further from the competition. Bofferding wanted a reusable plastics beer crate that would illustrate the new image and stand out sufficiently in the point of sale to attract the buyer’s attention.

The DS Smith Approach

The design department at DS Smith Plastics’ Injection Moulded Products worked closely with Bofferding to develop a reusable beer crate to satisfy the various requirements. The luxury crate combines a 3-D InMould Label technique with a metal brush textured surface and two-color overmolding. The soft touch grips with integrated Bofferding logo offer comfortable carrying.

The Result

Bofferding established its market share and even managed to create more sales, despite a difficult market environment.

“For our beer, we aimed to create a crate that was too lovely to be hidden away in the cellar and instead deserved a place in the home,” stated the Bofferding General Manager. “Nowadays the reusable beer crate is considered as primary packaging. Furthermore, crates are the number one tool in customer loyalty. Customers who buy drinks in returnable packaging are loyal consumers; one empty crate tends to be exchanged for a new crate filled with the same brand. It was therefore quite logical for us to invest in a nice design. DS Smith was the perfect partner in doing so.”

About Bofferding

Bofferding is practically considered as being a national treasure in Luxembourg. Brasserie Bofferding was founded in 1842 by Jean-Baptiste Bofferding. In 1975 Brasserie Bofferding and Brasserie Funck-Bricher merged. After the fusion of the two breweries, the production was relocated completely to the Bofferding brewery in Bascharage. All beer brewed from then on would be sold under the name Bofferding. The quality beer is also exported to Belgium, France, China, and since 2014 to the US.

Source: DS Smith