New 40 x48 STAKCAP™ Introduced by ORBIS

New Top Cap Allows Double Stacking of Stackable and Rackable Pallet Loads

ORBIS Stackr Stakcap Double Path (2)ORBIS® Corporation, an international manufacturer of reusable packaging and supply chain optimization expert, is introducing the only 40” x 48” top cap and pallet system available in the packaged goods and food processing industries. The new StakCap will secure 40” x 48” pallet loads for easier and more efficient material handling while enhancing the safety and maneuverability of double stacked pallets.

Top caps help reduce load shifting

Without a top cap, container loads are more likely to shift when moved, which causes an unequal balance in weight. Such shifting makes it challenging and inefficient to transport materials due to the increased chance of collapsed loads. The 40” x 48” StakCap covers pallet loads so they maintain uniform weight distribution when stored or transported. Its low-profile design allows for a high nesting ratio, creating more floor space on plant, storage and trailer floors.

“Our 40” x 48” StakCap allows a new set of pallets and new tote combinations to take advantage of the benefits of a top cap,” said Ryan Roessler, product manager for ORBIS Corporation. “The reusable StakCap will continuously add safety and supply chain efficiency over its long service life.”

Designed to interlock with legs of StackR or HDSC pallets

The new StakCap is compatible with the ORBIS 40” x 48” StackR® and Heavy-Duty Structo-Cell® (HDSC) Pallets. The top cap is designed to create more secure loads by interlocking with the legs of the StackR or HDSC pallets. Strapping with molded-in channels provides extra banding to the entire length and width of the loads for even greater security.

The 40” x 48” StakCap is a single sheet thermoformed (HMWPE) top cap, and its size allows it to be used with ORBIS 24” x 20” and 24” x 16” totes. At the end of its service life, it can be recovered, recycled and reprocessed into other useful product. The reusable plastic packaging reduces total cost of ownership and improves product flow along the supply chain.

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