NEW 1200mm x 1000mm OPTE BULK Assembles and Collapses in Seconds

Innovative, Proprietary Latch for Easy Sleeve Release and Engagement

ORBIS Corporation, a manufacturer of sustainable reusable packaging and an expert in supply chain optimization, has introduced a 1200mm  x 1000mm pallet, sleeve and top cap system. The 1000 x 1200 CS CISC OPTE Bulk provides a bulk packaging solution to store, handle and ship food, beverage, consumer goods and pharmaceutical products.
The ORBIS 1200 x 1000 CS CISC OPTE Bulk features a proprietary “active latch” that enables workers to engage and release the sleeve from the pallet from a standing position, with no bending required. When collapsed, the sleeve nests within the pallet and top cap and is fully self-contained for efficient return transportation. As a result, 50% more collapsed systems can fit in a standard 53’ trailer than alternative bulk packaging systems.

This system, based on the 1200mm x 1000mm footprint, features multiple sleeve height and configuration options. Designed and engineered to provide ergonomic and transportation efficiency, the ORBIS 1200 x 1000 CS CISC OPTE Bulk:

  • Optimizes return transportation/efficiency and fits 50% more collapsed units per standard truck.
  • Provides a hygienic handling solution with smooth, all-plastic, highly cleanable, sealed edge sleeves.
  • Provides optimum load capacity ratings.
  • Reduces product damage with solid, smooth pallet deck.
  • Drives ergonomic efficiency with “active latch” that allows workers to engage and release sleeves from a standing position.

“The ORBIS 1200 x 1000 CS CISC OPTE Bulk is an example of how ORBIS utilizes design and engineering to deliver benefits at every step of the process for our customers, while keeping their environment top-of-mind,” says Curt Most, senior product manager for ORBIS Corporation. “In addition to its universal footprint, load capacity and self-contained collapsed design, we’ve added a simple, yet ultimately effective, latch that drives labor efficiency and ergonomics.”

This pallet is injection-molded for  precise dimensional consistency and is compatible with many palletizers, depal­letizers, automatic strapping/banding systems and conveyors.

“Our goal is to help companies move their products more efficiently, more cost-effectively, and with a reusable  bulk solution that will give them a significantly reduced payback period. This container helps us do just that,” says Most.   The 1200 x 1000 OPTE Bulk pallet is molded in high-density polypropylene (PP) plastic and is fully recyclable at the end of its service life.

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