Nefab Delivers Green Solution For Delivering Filters to OEM

The Customer Case

The transportation challenge was to ship RBS filters from a first tier supplier to the OEM and requirement was to ship 150,000 filters annually in 11 cycles. Existing packaging consisted of a tri-wall corrugated carton and polystyrene internal fittings. Due to the increased waste costs for cardboard, product damages, and cumbersome packing operations, the OEM decided to look for a new improved solution.

The Nefab Solution

An in-depth analysis of the product flow, from the first tier supplier to the OEM, was carried out to determine the best packaging solution. Key parameters included freight optimization and reusability. Frequent supply loops within the product transfer were identified and a returnable system based on Nefab RePak containers was developed.

The Customer Benefits

Thanks to the implementation of Nefab’s returnable system it was possible to realize a cost saving of £1,800,000 with a payback of the investment in 2 months. Apart from the direct cost savings, other benefits include; less time spent in packing, product damages are now virtually zero as well as environmental/waste costs.

Summary of benefits:

  • Safe Transport: – Elimination of product damages
  • Save Money: – 1.8 million GBP saving
  • Save Environment: – Improved carbon footprint due to reusability and elimination of waste material

Source: Nefab.

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