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“I’ve been told that about 90 per cent of bananas on the coastal areas were wiped out but I’m also being told that the industry will recover more quickly than it did from Cyclone Larry,” says Irene.

“Normally Woolworths, Coles and Metcash send pallets up to their stores in North Queensland, they make their way back to our depot, we repair them and then give them to the banana growers and transport companies who pack the bananas on them and the pallets make their way back down to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

“Now there are no bananas we are going to try and source a little more business in a different industry to help keep the loop operating.”

Reflecting on the past couple of months in Queensland, Irene says it has been a tough time but one that has seen Loscam and its customers working together to keep businesses on track.

“We’ve all got through it as best we could and with minimal complaints and now we’re working to get back to normality,” says Irene.

Customer Comments:

Stephen O’Neill, Distribution Centre Manager for SCA: “Loscam was very proactive in getting on the phone and giving us regular updates on how they were getting things organised and about their back-up operations. They sourced pallets from elsewhere to keep us going and in addition to this, ensured communication lines were put in place with Coles, Woolworth and IGA to be able to get pallets straight from there. Loscam obviously had a lot of worries of their own during the flood but their customers were front of mind. We also had a number of people from the Loscam hierarchy come to see us to thank us for supporting them during the floods and that was very much appreciated.”

Geoff Wadsworth, Site Logistics Manager for Paradise Foods: “I think initially Irene was quite shocked at what was happening with the floods but we had a chat early on and she knew there were still customers who needed to be serviced. I think the way Loscam handled the crisis was fantastic. Irene came up with the idea of getting the logistics guys to pick up pallets directly from Woolworths and Aldi for us and I think that worked very well. I think the issue was handled very professionally.”

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