More on Oregon Flame Retardant Situation

Recently, we reported on the flame retardant legislation in Oregon, and speculated on its potential impact on pallets. Here is a recent dispatch from California Watch.

Included in the report is a statement from iGPS that questions why plastic pallets are being singled out “now – years after the statute was enacted.”

iGPS also stated that, “The Oregon Health Authority plans to engage in a formal rule making procedure which will allow all affected parties to be heard, and iGPS will be involved in that process.”

Oregon Sen. Jackie Dingfelder emphasized to Greenwire, however, that such an exception (for plastic pallets containing decaBDE introduced after January 1, 2011) would be contrary to the rule’s intent. “The only thing that was exempted from the rule was automobiles and airplanes,” she was quoted by Greenwire. “Nothing else is exempted, that’s the way the law works.”


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