“Molded Wood” Pallet Standard Created by ANSI

The first product standard for molded wood, “presswood” pallets has been accepted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), according to an announcement by Litco International Inc.

Part 14 “Molded, Wood Based Composite Pallets” of the ANSI pallet standard, MH1 – 2016, “Pallets, Slipsheets, and Other Bases for Unit Loads” is now available.

Nationally recognized product standards developed by ANSI help buyers and sellers of products communicate. This standard represents the single best source of consensus specifications and information regarding the manufacture, use, and performance of heat molded wood pallets.

The standard is written in three parts. Part I of the standard describes typical pallet designs and materials and methods of manufacture. Part II of the standard describes molded wood pallet performance. This includes test methods and an example pallet weight and capacity for 48 X 40 inch ‘nestable’ designs. Part III describes recycling options for the presswood pallets, after use.

Litco International Inc., the source of the INCA Molded (presswood) pallet made in the USA, provided resource materials referenced in the standard. Gary Sharon, Litco’s Vice President, served as a member of the drafting working group.

The ANSI standard is published by the Materials Handling Institute of Charlotte, North Carolina. The complete ANSI standard is available free to the public at mhi.org/free/8956.

Litco also offers a link to Part 14 “Molded, Wood Based Composite Pallets” on their site http://www.litco.com/news/industry-news/molded-wood-pallet-standard-created-by-ansi/

To learn more about the complete line of Inca molded wood pallets, contact Litco International toll free at 1-800-236-1903, visit www.litco.com, or browse the presswood pallet section at http://www.litco.com/presswood-pallets/