Millwood Launches Unit Load Test & Design Lab

Millwood Inc., a leading provider and innovator of unit load and packaging systems, materials and services recently showcased its Unit Load Test & Design Lab at ProMat 2013.

Headed by Ralph Rupert, the former director of the Center for Unit Load Design at Virginia Tech, Millwood’s Unit Load Test & Design Lab is designed to conduct ISTA, ASTM and ISO compression, vibration and shock tests for transport packaging. The lab utilizes state-of-the-art test equipment, materials handling equipment and packaging materials to simulate the handling of a load through the supply chain and analyze where and why a load fails.

Millwood’s lab utilizes leading edge test equipment, including:

  •     Incline impact tester with a 2,000 pound capacity and an articulating sled
  •     Hydraulic ram compression tester with a maximum 50,000 pound load cell
  •     Vibration tester with a 60×60 inch table that will handle up to 3,000 pound pay-loads
  •     Fully-integrated stretch film test system that measures and records film force and film puncture force on any stretch wrapper

Unit load and pallet design software allows Millwood to offer alternative designs that improve the packaging, prevent product damage and meet sustainability goals. The lab can also design, develop and test prototype pallets and corrugated packaging solutions. “Millwood has been promoting the unit load concept for a number of years,” says Rupert. “Now, we can put science behind our solutions.”

The lab will be open to Millwood’s existing and prospective customers as a value-added service. It will also be available as an independent, fee-based resource for manufacturers who want to validate their unit load designs or to the pallet and packaging industries to test new packaging products and materials. “We want to be the premier test lab for the pallet and transport packaging industries,” Rupert says.

In addition to testing, Rupert plans to conduct research at the facility into areas such as corrugated compression and stretch film performance capabilities. “We’re not just a test lab,” he says. “We are approaching this from a research lab mentality. We don’t want to just provide test results. We want to conduct damage forensics to understand why damage occurs and then look at how we can improve the packaging for the future.”

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