MFG Tray Offers Versatile, High-Strength Wash Boxes, 780 Series Nest & Stack Containers

parts wash box

MFG Tray, (Molded Fiber Glass Tray Company) has a line of versatile utility, high-strength FRP wash boxes whose composite material construction costs approximately one-third the cost of traditional stainless steel wire baskets.  They also serve as a labor-saving solution-from secondary process cleaning to work-in-process storage.  By minimizing the “dumps” from machining and washing operations-to-container, the use of the composite wash box results in less labor and reduced part damage/scrap.  Another key end-use advantage of the durable FRP wash-box construction vs. metal wash baskets is safety.  The fact is, metal wash baskets frequently break and can leave dangerous wires poking out-which presents an employee safety hazard and could also damage sensitive parts. The benefits include:

  • Inherent fiberglass strength, rigidity, and durability
  • Ideal for cleaning, storing and inventorying machined parts
  • 1/3 the cost of stainless steel wire baskets
  • Operating temps to 250°F, intermittently to 300°F
  • Handles up to 150lb payload capacity
  • Safer alternative than metal wash boxes
  • Impervious to cutting oils, detergents, mild acids, and alkaline solutions
  • Easily cleaned using standard detergents

FRP Forming Process/Production Advantages:   

  • In-house machining of the wash-box bottom holes (1/4” or 3/8” diameter) and elongated side slots (2 ½” x 5/16”) –allows a variety of sizes for custom orders
  • Can be customized per client request to meet advanced corrosion specifications
  • Available in a variety of sizes

780 Series Nest & Stack Containers

MFG Tray’s fiberglass nesting containers are strong, durable and long lasting. The MFG 780 Series Nest & Stack containers work harder and smarter for exceptional performance!  These containers are superior to plastic or metal and will endure many years of wear.  MFG 780 Series Nest & Stack containers stack when full, and nest together for storage to ensure exception value. These containers will not bend or twist while handling and will effortlessly withstand automated filling and handling.

  • Stack when full, rotate and nest when empty
  • Impervious to cutting oils, detergents, mild acids, and alkaline solutions
  • High operating temperature range of -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C)
  • High weight capacity

About MFG Tray

Molded Fiber Glass Tray, MFG Tray, is a leading manufacturer of high-strength, glass-reinforced composite containers, trays, boxes, flats, and totes for material handling in the metalworking, plastics, and electronics assembly industries, as well as in food service, confectionery and pharmaceutical processing. MFG Tray products combine outstanding performance features with long service life to ensure exceptional value.

MFG Tray material handling trays and containers are dimensionally stable under heavy loads and integrate with machine and robotic applications. Unlike metal, they will not bend, dent or corrode, and they are impervious to cutting oils, grease, radiation, and mild acids and alkaline solutions. They may be used continuously in temperatures ranging from -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C), and intermittently in temperatures of 300° F and higher.

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